This program uses Besselian elements to compute the local circumstances of the solar eclipses visible between 1601 and 2199. The algorithms can be found in Jean Meeus’s Elements of Solar Eclipses 1951-2200, 1989, Willman-Bell.

The elements used for these computations are available from NASA as part of the Five Millenium Canon of Eclipses, F. Espenak and J. Meeus

The lunar limb data was computed by David Herald, and derived from Kaguya/Celeste measurements.

The algorithm for sunrise and sunset is derived from computations published by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Geographic names and locations are culled from the extensive data at

The world image on the globe is from NASA’s Visible Earth.

The image of the solar corona is sent by the SOHO satellite, a joint venture of NASA and ESA.

All other photos were taken by the author.

Icons are from Joseph Wain’s Glyphish collection.